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Guide to non-stop flights

A non-stop flight is one which doesn’t have a stopover between your origination and your destination. The plane takes off from the airport you depart from, and then lands at the airport you’re going to.

Non-stop flights are great for several reasons. They minimize the flight time to your destination. By eliminating connections, they take away the chance that a connection will be missed. Also, from an environmental point of view, by minimizing the amount of flying time, a direct flight limits the amount of fuel burned and the resulting pollution. Whenever possible, it is typically a good idea to seek out a non-stop flight.

From a passenger convienience standpoint, it would be great if every city was connected to every other city by a nonstop flight or flights. But imagine how many flight routes it would take to do so. The number is astronomical. So, airlines have mostly adoped a hub system, where smaller airports have non-stop flights into the hubs. Passengers then connect in the hub airports (such as Chicago), and get onto second flights taking them to their final destination.

While a nonstop to every possible destination isn’t feasible, many airports will at least have some destinations connected by a non-stop flight. It is often worthwhile to seek out these flights. Also, if you live within driving distance to a hub, it can sometimes minimize connection problems and risks to depart from the hub airport. This also maximizes the number of nonstop flights available when you’re planning your travel. Though then driving introduces driving traffic risks.

When using the major travel sites to book travel, to find non-stop flights one way is to check the box which says non-stop flights. Keep in mind though that not every airline is listed on all travel sites. So it can sometimes be a good idea to check directly on some of the airline sites like Southwest and Jetblue. They may have non-stop flights that didn’t show up on the travel comparison sites.

Good luck in all your travels and trip planning, and hope you find a great non-stop flight to your destination.

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